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Social Media marketing: Pros and Cons

Presently, the most sought after means of advertising one’s products and services is the social media. This trend is owing mainly to the fact that even after spending a lot of money on advertising their products and services on radio, television and the print media, they still don’t get the results they desire.

It is true that in every business, there are some advantages and disadvantages present. One of the advantages of advertising one’s products and services through the social networking sites is that one can do it through a social media manager and rather use his or her time for other sources of income.

The second advantage of advertising is the fact that a lot of persons are making use of the social networking sites more than any other site on the internet. Facebook alone has recorded an enormous 500 million users and one can’t but imagine what 10% of a such number of users can do to enhance the sales of one’s products and services if exposed to users of Facebook.

Another advantage is the cut in marketing expenses. While one pays a huge amount to advertise for a few minutes on the national radio, print media or even TV, a business owner or affiliate marketer spends little but gets more exposure of his or her products and services online which could even last for as long as he or she wants.

Making use of social media to advertise has the potential to put one’s business or site at the top in search engine result pages. The more the business or person’s social media manager engages in combining searchable keywords in the content used for the adverts, the higher chances one has of being exposed to a greater number of prospective customers, which in turn will lead to increase in the level of sales made from such products or services.

The only cons or disadvantages is the time spent in creating personal accounts with the various social networking sites, customizing profiles, receiving and responding to comments and emails. This is the reason why it is essential to have a social media manager to handle everything for the business owner or marketer.

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