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The beginners guide to learn Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is constantly evolving, so if you are new to it you may be completely confused about where to start. However, it is becoming essential for all businesses to embrace the online world to further their aims. The good thing is that once you learn the basics of internet marketing then you can open up your products to millions of consumers, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Taking advantage of link building services, PPC, SEO and social media, amongst others, will help you to achieve your goal.

Internet marketing, just like any marketing, should always start with your aims – what do you want your website to achieve? This will ultimately drive your site design and marketing approach. Decide whether your site will be information only, designed to build your brand and bring customers to your premises, or whether it should increase orders or generate leads. Design your site to achieve this aim and make sure it works by testing it.

Search engine marketing is a very important part of digital marketing and can be broken down into two separate parts – SEO and PPC. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is concerned with gaining as high a position as possible on the results pages of search engines like Google and Bing. There tends to be a direct relationship between position and sales – in simple terms the higher the position, the more visible you are to consumers and the more people will visit your site.

There are many ways of improving your rankings, including the content of the copy of your site and how many people link to it. Consider employing link building companies like Ad Rank to help you to fly up the page. Social media also affects search rankings, so the more people that ‘share’ a link to your site, the higher your listing will be. Social media is a very powerful tool and a well thought out campaign can be cheap but still have a significant impact on your target market.

PPC stands for ‘Pay per Click’ advertising, which are the paid for links you see at the top, right hand side and bottom of the search results page. Search engines make money off these adverts by charging you every time somebody clicks on a link and visits your site. The advantage to PPC advertising is that you can immediately appear at the top of the page with the right bid to attract potential customers. You are able to set maximum bids and daily limits so there is no danger of it running out of control.

With search engine marketing the possibilities are endless – there are 100s of companies dedicated solely to controlling business’ SEO or PPC activity. However, once you learn the basics you can see the results from the traffic steadily rolling into your site. Simple things like a good link building service can also be utilized to supplement your efforts and don’t have to cost the earth. The control you have over your activity and the measurable results will make it an invaluable source of revenue.

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