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Web development company in Bangalore

Today, web development companies in Bangalore are found to charge more money for their services, therefore it is useful to have some prior knowledge about website designing and development before venturing into business with these companies. Here are a few terms that are commonly used in the process of software development companies in Bangalore.

The first and foremost step towards starting a web development project involves a detailed requirement analysis. This analysis is conducted with the aid of questionnaires, email letters, interactive meetings, in order to understand the concept of the project. This includes a detailed discussion and analysis of the purpose of the project, its marketing objectives, the target audience and company’s expectations, competitors, database, pricing policies and many more.

After a detailed requirement analysis, it is estimated if the project is viable or not. If the answer is in the affirmative, the next factor to be considered here is the cost of the project. Thus, with the above details specification documentation is prepared which is again submitted to the client for verification and approval. It is advisable for the client to compare this data with current market rates and decide upon the viability of the project. Here, some sophisticated companies may charge a little higher as their products are expensive and highly regarded in the market.

Once the project is approved by the client company, then the web development company in Bangalore will start working on the web design. Website Designs are instrumental in providing the look and feel of the website at the virtual world. Here a detailed sitemap is prepared to determine the architecture of the web design. Here, the client must check the uniqueness of the design and can also give suggestions to make the design look more appealing.

Website design and coding involves the actual database design and coding as here the backend code is written and a link is established with the databases. Test engineers are hired to check for errors.

Test Engineers perform tests cases and the defects are intimated to the developers for rectification. This is continued until minimum or no errors are found. This is then passed to the customer for approval.

After the project is finalized and approved, it is time to go live with the website. Some software development company in Bangalore also offer complete customer support with enhanced security.

Maintenance and updating are performed on a regular basis in order to inculcate changing trends and various new features that are appealing to the users. Android application development in Bangalore, iOS application development in Bangalore and ERP Software development in Bangalore are some of the terms used for Website Development Company in Bangalore.


Last but not the least; the cycle may vary according to the policies of the web development company. Also if the web design and development period may depend on how big the website is.

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